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When we believe, anything is possible.

What I loved about the Adopt A Unicorn gift for my daughter was seeing the magic of believing as she read the letter, which included special details about her. She was thrilled to receive this gift and felt so special. She has hung her unicorn picture beside her bed as a special reminder to always believe!

Leslie, Amherst, NH

When my daughters received their unicorn gifts they were ecstatic!!! They couldn’t contain their excitement and started jumping up and down yelling that they knew unicorns were real and are so happy to now have their own!!  The packaging was great, the girls loved the blue confetti paper inside. The personalized letter that accompanied the gifts made the girls feel so special and that the unicorn knew them. What a magical gift, I would recommend to anyone who loves unicorns and magic!!!

Jaina, Amherst, NH

My daughter received this as a gift and loved the idea that there is a unicorn out there that knows about her. She wishes she could meet her and enjoys imagining what it would be like to talk with her. Highly recommend!

Michelle, Amherst, NH

When my seven year old daughter received her unicorn, she was so excited! The letter to her is very special and she has been reading it every night before she goes to bed. We also had to be sure to hang the picture of her unicorn and her adoption certificate right next to her bed so she can see it every night before she falls asleep.

Kendra, Marshfield, MA

When my daughter received her Adopt a Unicorn gift she was ecstatic because she KNEW unicorns were real! She brought the picture and adoption certificate to school the next day as she was eager to share with her friends and teachers. I was impressed with the quality of the gift. It was clear everything in the box was assembled just for my daughter. When I read the unicorn’s letter to her, she perked up when it mentioned the personal fact of loving her legos. What a special gift for her!

Carolyn, Nashua, NH

What's Included?

Our Adopt A Unicorn gift comes complete with an adoption certificate, a personalized letter to the recipient, an 8x10 photo of your unicorn, and an "I Believe In You" bracelet. 

Personalized Letter

Give the Gift that Gives Back!

A portion of sales from your purchase will be donated to our charity of choice to help support and empower our youth.  

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Our Story

For Christmas in 2020, the only thing my daughter Anna was asking for was a real unicorn. She wanted one that could fly her places and talk to her. Of course, I wanted to make my daughters dreams a reality, but I just kept thinking...how am I going to make this happen?

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