The Story

For Christmas in 2020, the only thing my daughter Anna was asking for was a real unicorn. She wanted one that could fly her places and talk to her. Of course, I wanted to make my daughters dreams a reality, but I just kept am I going to make this happen?

On December 23rd at 5:30 AM while pumping gas, I overheard an ad about adopting a pet and it hit me! I will just adopt a unicorn for her. Simple! Until I started looking...

All I could find were adopt a unicorn gifts that included a stuffed animal and a certificate, when what I really wanted for her was an actual photo of her unicorn. And so I got to work and created my own gift complete with an adoption certificate, personalized letter from her unicorn "White Magic", and a photo.

On Christmas morning my daughter found one last gift from "White Magic". She had a confused look on her face as she opened it and then...she froze. Her eyes got wide, her jaw dropped, and she looked around the room and then...she began jumping with joy and yelling "I GOT A UNICORN!!!"

As you can imagine, I was overjoyed to see this reaction, to see the magic come to life, and to see how excited and happy she was on Christmas morning. And that's when it hit me...if Anna was this excited about her gift, why not share it with other believers in an effort to spread joy, magic, and the idea that when we believe, anything is possible.

And so The Unicorn Pasture was born, offering our custom Adopt A Unicorn gifts in an effort to spread joy, magic, and belief that all things are possible if we simply believe. Additionally, we give back to our community by donating a portion of proceeds from every Adopt A Unicorn gift purchased to a charity that supports and empowers our youth.